A Message from

I am Kenya Dunn. I am a 10-year resident in the Charleston area. I am one of the

few women executives in my organization. As well, I am a coach, mentor, motivational

speaker and diversity and inclusion advocate. 


It is my heart’s desire to create an environment

where women can be inspired, energized and guided to reach their highest potential.

I believe it is our responsibility as women to come together in love and support,

to build a tribe of women who can stand in their own power. As we learn, we must teach.

I have personally benefited from women who went before me to learn and they reached

back to teach me. They shared, I listened. They coached, I put in the work.


It’s time that I take my work outside of the corporate walls of my organization. Power-Filled 2019 is my first offering to women across all races, nationalities, and socio-economic backgrounds.


This will not be a conference or meeting, but an EXPERIENCE. A high energy, impactful day that is guaranteed to activate women’s inner SHERO. I hope you will make the investment in yourself, block the time on your calendar, and join me for a day of knowledge sharing, inspiration and fun; as well as an evening of connecting with like-minded individuals and contributing to a worthy cause. 


I look forward to seeing you May 18, 2019!



P.S. Although Power-Filled 2019 is catered toward women, men are welcome to join us.