What is Power-Filled 2020?


“Power-Filled” 2020, is a full day experience where women can hear from other women who have journeyed through the process of finding their power and their voice in spaces such as corporate leadership, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, community service, government, medicine and education. The goal of “Power-Filled” is to have women share their stories and participate in panel discussions designed to answer the question, “How can I become power-filled?” Participants are guaranteed to walk away with practical tips they can implement immediately, and connections that will last a lifetime.  

Evening GALA

Who doesn’t love to get dressed up, dance, and connect with old and new friends? That’s what we are doing to end our time together. Ladies, pull out your best formal gowns or dresses. Men, put on your tuxedos. Enjoy delicious food, beer and wine. Dance to the sounds of “Soul Fire Band”. Create new memories that will last a life time.