April Williamson is a “Boutique Boss” Fashionista, and family woman out to change the world
all without burning dinner. She is a Charleston native who now resides in Hanahan,SC with her
husband Jason and their four beautiful Children. After working in Corporate America for 12
years April left to become a Stay-at-Home Mom while her husband worked as Program Manager
of a large organization in Afghanistan.


During that time April began pouring her heart into a new church launch where she served in
various leadership roles. It was while serving in women’s ministry that she discovered her
passion for encouraging and empowering women to fulfill God's Purpose for their lives.


In 2017, April pursued her dream of opening her own store, and The Governor’s Wife Boutique
opened its doors January 1, 2018. April’s passion for women and love of fashion has made her
Boutique the “It” place to shop in Charleston.

When she is NOT working April enjoys living an adventurous life traveling with her husband
and four children. Some adventures include SCUBA diving with Great White sharks in the icy
waters of South Africa, swimming on the backs dolphins in Mexico, and sampling the finest
wines in the sun drenched hills of Tuscany. Her experiences have only deepened, enriched and
amplified her love for fashion and inspiring women.


April’s down to earth personality and ability to connect with women empower her to encourage
others to pursue their dreams. As a strong advocate for women, she brings to light their
incredible strength and courage to reach their full potential.