Is there a dress code for the event?
The recommended dress code for the conference is business casual. You never know who you might meet at Power-Filled! However, we encourage participants to be comfortable and come to be inspired and have fun!


Why should women want to attend Power-Filled?
Women have so much to offer the world. It is time for us to come together to share our stories of success. We must share “how we did it”. Power-Filled was created to teach women who aspire to achieve great things in life, how they can have a shorter, less challenging journey that we did. Any woman who wants to stand in her own power but unsure what that is, should attend Power-Filled 2020.

Any woman who knows what her power is but needs some inspiration to take that next step, should attend Power-Filled 2020. Any woman who wants to know how women in powerful positions did it, should attend Power-Filled 2020. Why? Because Power-Filled 2020 is the catalyst event for discovering your power, making new connections, learning from experts with proven results, and a fun and inspiring day of strengthening the collective woman. Power-Filled 2020 is self-care for who you are and what you want to accomplish in life.

What is the age range that you are targeting with this conference?
The ideal starting age for Power-Filled is 18 years old. It is difficult to put a limit on the age because each one of us are in different stages of discovering our power and there is no age when that happens. We recommend age 18 be the youngest age because most of the dialogue and conversation will be centered around career and business. However, if a parent feels their younger daughters could benefit from attending, they are welcomed.

Is the event limited to women?
Although the vision for Power-Filled was created as a place for women to come together to learn from each other, men are certainly welcome. We can all gleam wisdom and knowledge from each other. The event is not intended to isolate anyone. All are welcome.

Are you looking for sponsors for the event?
Absolutely. Check the website for details on sponsorship opportunities.

What about out of town guests? Is there a choice hotel for the event?
Although we do not have a preferred hotel for this event, we have listed a few hotels near the campus
of Trident Technical College. All of these hotels are less than 2 miles from the venue. This information
can be found at the “More About the Venue” button at the bottom of the main page

What else should we know about Power-Filled 2020?
Attending the conference will also give participants access to the Power-Filled Woman YouTube
channel & exclusive Power-Filled Woman Facebook page. The
Facebook page will give you access to a community of women who are on the journey to stand
in their own power. Facebook group members will also have priority access to future events as
well as exclusive events.