Dr. Delisa Brown is a native of Charleston South Carolina. She was educated in Charleston County Public
Schools and received her undergraduate degree from the College of Charleston where she majored in
Biology and minored in Psychology. Dr. Brown continued her educational pursuits receiving master’s
degree from Webster University in Professional Mental Health Counseling, and most recently
culminating her graduate studies with a doctoral degree from Howard University in Counseling


Prior to pursing her doctoral degree, Dr. Brown spent 5 years at the Medical University of South Carolina
working as a program coordinator in addictions research. It was here that her passion for treating
serious mental illnesses and her interest in psychiatric research developed. During that time her
research primarily focused on medication treatment for co-occurring bipolar disorder and alcohol use
disorder. Currently, Dr. Brown’s research involves the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses
that often co-occur with alcohol use, such as PTSD and bipolar disorder, with an emphasis on creating
more culturally relevant treatments for these conditions. During the short time she has been involved in
research, Dr. Brown has advocated for the development and implementation of more culturally
informed evidence-based treatments for mental illnesses and recently received a federally funded grant
for the furtherance of this work. She believes these adapted treatments will best inform mental health
practices in minority populations, in particular African-Americans, and lessen the gap in mental health
disparities. To this end, her current work includes research that aims to better understand the impact of
race-based trauma and how these traumatic events affect people of color.


Dr. Brown successfully defended her dissertation September 28th , 2018 and she is currently completing a
post-doctoral fellowship at the Medical University of South Carolina where she works on several
research projects that will directly impact treatment development for individuals diagnosed with PTSD
and substance use disorders. While she is not currently not providing therapeutic services outside of her
research obligations, one of Dr. Brown’s greatest professional passions is providing therapy to adults
and adolescents living with a myriad of mental illness, including anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD,
bipolar disorder and substance use disorders. She finds joy and fulfilment in helping others realize and
actualize their inner greatness by overcoming negative thoughts and attributions about themselves,
despite the despairing situations and emotional challenges they may face.


Dr. Brown does not consider herself the smartest or the most elite among her colleagues or peers, but
she does consider herself the most passionate, tenacious, and compassionate person any one will ever
encounter. It is these qualities that causes her to push through when she is tired and want to quit and
to encourage other women to do the same. She has vowed to encourage women, particularly women
of color and those who dare to aspire to higher education; not to allow their circumstances dictate who
they are, what they can do or who they can be, but to understand that with sheer determination - an
unbridled will to accomplish that which they have set out to do, the world is theirs to conquer.


Dr. Brown is married to Marlon Brown and they are the very proud parents of three beautiful children
Tania, Christian and Amariah, and grandparents to two angelic girls, Trinity and Aurora. She enjoys,
reading, watching Jeopardy, singing, and going on long runs. What she values most in life is her faith in
God, her family and people’s authentic nature. Life has taught Dr. Brown that worry is a useless exercise
meant only to stifle creativity, destroy motivation and induce delusions that fosters low self-esteem and
unproductivity. Understanding this, Dr. Brown has made it one of her life’s goals to encourage others

not to worry but instead to acknowledge their own inner unique greatness, be confident in it, learn how
to harness it and live their BEST life!